8K Real View Ultrasound Images

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What are 8K Real View Images?

8K Real View turns your 3D/4D/HD photos into the most realistic image of what your Baby looks like.  With this post processing enhancement, you can see true details with unbelievable resolution!  The image is enhanced into the 8k Real View photos after your ultrasound.  The turnaround time for receiving your pictures is 4-5 days. The service is offered as an option to purchase in addition to your ultrasound. The post processing adds little details to your picture and defines facial structures like the nose and lips, eye lashes and more.

How do we order?

After your ultrasound, we can look through your pictures and choose which ones you would like to be processed into a Real View image.  We can order them on the day of your appointment. If you are a past client of Inside View, we have your ultrasound pictures on file and can submit pictures from your exam when you were here. You just need to call the office and we can do an order over the phone.  We can also submit pictures done at other facilities if they are a good clear image.  

What does it cost?

One picture is $20 +tax. 3 pictures for $50