Inside View 3D/4D Ultrasound Olympia, WA
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Absolutely love everything about this place. Definitely book with her asap! 😀 She was super nice and patient and professional!! And the place was super comfy cozy with plenty of screens. Projector was cool! All around 10 out of 10. All my family fit and was allowed to come! Complimentary juice! Love love loved it. An hope to return later in this pregnancy!! 💙
Hannah Balzer Avatar
Hannah Balzer
Such a great experience here. She is super sweet in general but she was absolutely great with my whole family that came with! So kind. My 3 other kiddos who came to find out if it was a brother or sister, she told them what each picture was with great detail and just easy to talk to period! 😁 An it is a super comfortable place and really cool how there is screens everywhere! A projector! Absolutely loved the whole experience! 10 out of 10! Had alot of patience waiting to find out gender also lol!
Hannah Balzer Avatar
Hannah Balzer
I absolutely love this business ! My husband and I are here in Washington commercial crabbing, away from home in Alaska. It is such a reassurance and special gift to be able to schedule an appointment SO easily, go in, be welcomed by a smiling face and see our little baby. Highly recommend visiting this place for your ultrasounds ! She also offers maternity and newborn photoshoots !
Dora Voltz Avatar
Dora Voltz
My husband and I had the best experience here, it was amazing to having family watch from miles away, the atmosphere was so relaxing and inviting, the staff was amazing and tried every trick to get great pictures of our baby girl. I highly recommend this place to any friends and family lately when showing off photos of our little one 💖
Lauren Thomas Avatar
Lauren Thomas
Had a great experience I live two hours away and booking my 3D ultrasound here was worth it compared to my experience at Ultrasona Fetal Fotos in Vancouver, WA (used them my first pregnancy). Packages are affordable and you won’t be disappointed. My family that lives in Hawaii were able to join in on the ultrasound via live stream. Erin was great she took her time and explained what we were looking at. She got great photos. I will definitely make the drive again for any future pregnancies.
Crisselda Kalilikane Avatar
Crisselda Kalilikane
Loved my experience here! Erin was awesome and the lady at the front desk was great too! (Sorry I don’t recall your name)
I went with 7 of my family members and sent the link to family and friends that couldn’t attend. Everyone was happy and the prices are good too in my opinion. 10 out of 10 would recommend to anyone thinking about an optional 3D ultrasound experience. We came from a long way and it was definitely worth it.
Bridgette Soha Avatar
Bridgette Soha
Awesome experience! She took the time to let us look at our baby as much as we wanted. She went above and beyond with the whole experience. Plus a lot of goodies to pick from customized with your baby’s heart beat. 10/10 would recommend this place! 💯
Bohn Wylet Avatar
Bohn Wylet
I have been here for my gender reveal
And my 4d ultrasound and both times were an amazing experience! Not only was the room we were in extremely comfortable but also welcoming (:
I highly recommend scheduling all of your fun ultrasounds through them !
Worth every single penny! I even rewarded my kiddos with a. Cute stuffed animal with our baby’s heartbeat! She’s really amazing at what she does (: I’m so excited I got to experience this all

I was even able to let ALL family see the videos live!! They enjoyed every moment and felt as if they were there with me
Dana munoz Avatar
Dana munoz
I can’t say enough wonderful things about my visit! We were able to live stream with mine and my husband’s family over 2,000 miles away. My baby was being camera shy at first but she worked her magic and got some amazing photos that I can’t stop looking at. There was water and juice for the mothers plus the entire setting is so calming and cute! I felt comfortable the entire time and the screen is huge so I didn’t miss a single baby movement. You can’t put a price on this experience but these prices are very affordable for everything I got and the overall experience.
Alexis G Avatar
Alexis G
Ahh, thank you Erin for being so incredible! I had a bad experience with my last ultrasound studio in town and I am so happy I found Inside View. It is so relaxing. The atmosphere makes you calm and comfortable. Found out we were having our second girl here! 🙂 Thank you again. Definitely coming again!
Jordan Fernandez Avatar
Jordan Fernandez
So happy to of gone here! I called last minute on a Friday and Erin was able to get me in. During my session she answered all of my questions and made me feel very comfortable! We got really cute pictures of my baby even though she was being difficult LOL. I also got one of those little heartbeat stuffed animals!

Will for sure be coming back when I am further along 🙂
Thanks Erin
Tarah Mochi Avatar
Tarah Mochi
Very comfortable, relaxing environment. My baby did not want to cooperate 😂 but the provider was patient/knowledgeable so was still able to get some pictures. Really great to have this option of an experience.
Eliza Tharp Avatar
Eliza Tharp
It was such a wonderful experience to go through with the grandparents of our baby. We even used the live stream option so that my mom and sister out of state could be a part of it. They were very kind and accommodating since we arrived a little late to the appointment. The rooms is set up great and was very calm and relaxing. Comfortable seating for our guests. They even have juices and water for us expecting mamas. We were so happy to have to this opportunity to see our baby girl! Thank you Inside View!
Sarah Maria Malchow Avatar
Sarah Maria Malchow
5 star ratingAmazing experience! My babe was being very stubborn and did not want to show us their gender, but inside view was so patient and let me come in a second time and after some exercising and moving my positions we were finally able to see i'm having a little girl!!
Thanks so much for everything!
Bryanna H. Avatar
Bryanna H.
This was such a great experience for my husband and for me! I loved the office and the staff-- so glad we tried this. Early gender was a success for us and we are looking forward to the next visit later on in the pregnancy!!
Heather Stewart Avatar
Heather Stewart
Great experience! I was able to schedule for a same day appointment through the easy to use website and couldn't be happier with the service. The ultrasound space was very comfortable as was our whole experience with the staff. I was floored at how many different products and packages were available! Very customizable and easy going experience. I would highly recommend the facility to everyone.
Michelle Trac Avatar
Michelle Trac
We recently came for a gender scan at 12 weeks 4 days, I was measuring a week ahead! Erin recommends waiting until 14 weeks for gender but we were told 13 weeks could also be acceptable! The room was very big and very calming. Erin did my scan and said she was 100% confident I was having a girl! After 3 boys I was shocked and couldn’t believe it. A few days later my blood work confirmed she was correct.
When we left we picked out a stuffed animal to put the heart beat in which was so fun. My little ones were getting fussy towards the end of our appointment but Erin was really kind and patient with us! I would definitely go here again and recommend it to others. Thank you for the great experience!
Larissa Cummings Avatar
Larissa Cummings
Erin was absolutely fantastic! Baby wasn’t awake or in position for the 3D ultrasound at 29 weeks and let us come back for a whole other appointment free of charge. She definitely knows how to talk to mommas / families and you leave feeling special. Will be returning with any other pregnancies I may have!
Emma Forbes Avatar
Emma Forbes
Great experience. She made the room and session as relaxing as possible. My little one didn't want to participate but we still got some great images.
Elizabeth Salas Avatar
Elizabeth Salas
Great experience with both of our babies coming here. Comfy, professional and clean environment. Love all the extras we could order, heartbeat necklaces, key chains etc. Amazing staff 🙂
Amber Gomez Avatar
Amber Gomez
The staff was very polite and helpful! Their setup is incredible and I felt very comfortable the entire time. We chose to livestream our ultrasound and there were no problems at all! Definitely recommend this business.
Machaela Brent Avatar
Machaela Brent
Great experience! Erin was great start to finish and we really enjoyed our time! She uses a very cool feature where you can live stream your ultrasound as well as access photos and video online. 10/10 would recommend her!
Easton Stoner Avatar
Easton Stoner
5 star ratingLove this place! This is our first baby and my first midwife had to reschedule our appt which was goin to make our ultrasound happen later. I was too impatient and did some research and found this place. Would highly recommend to anybody. Erin & Justine are so sweet and make sure your experience is amazing. Since this was my first ultrasound, Erin was able to tell I was actually a week behind then my dr thought by using LMP and when I went to my new midwife she confirmed she was correct. Our baby was so active, but Erin was able to get amazing views and get us some perfect pictures. She was so helpful with explaining everything since this was our first ultrasound and making sure we had all our questions answered and felt super comfortable. I originally booked the heartbeat special but wasn't far enough along, but Erin set it up so I could come back to do just the heartbeat recording once I was which I really appreciated. I am so happy I found this place! We will be coming back for our 3D/4d scan and we are so excited. Also definitely get the baby flix. So worth the money and so incredible seeing the video of the ultrasound and all the pictures. Thank you Erin and Justine so much! Can't wait to come back for our 3D scan.
Holly A. Avatar
Holly A.
I received a gift certificate for Christmas and called to schedule. I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to get an appointment right away. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get a good view of the baby, so we rescheduled. The staff were amazing, kind, and courteous! I would definitely recommend Inside View!
jemima ruth Avatar
jemima ruth
Inside View is by far the best out there! We felt welcomed from the moment we walked in the door. Lisa, the receptionist, is so kind and helpful. Erin, the owner and sonogram technician, is so patient and understanding. Our baby was being stubborn and she didn’t make us feel rushed at all. We were able to get some adorable images of our boy that we will cherish forever! This is our second baby that we have used Inside View to peek in at and we always send people their way!
Emily L Avatar
Emily L
The ladies working were so kind and took their time to make sure we had amazing viewing of our baby girl. Felt very comfortable and was nice to have 2 others in the room with me!
Kiersten Tyson Avatar
Kiersten Tyson
I came here for my ultrasounds about 2 years ago and have brought many family members! The staff is so friendly, they assist you with whatever is needed, answer all questions, call back promptly when needed, and do an amazing job with the pictures! My sister is currently getting pictures done and they are BEAUTIFUL! So clear and visible!
Bailey Shaw Avatar
Bailey Shaw
Erin is great! Completely professional but very compassionate about our baby. She greeted us when we walked in, and guided us through the whole process. The best moment of my life happened at inside view, being able to see the life that me and Lindsay creating is nothing short of magical. I’m so excited now to see what my baby will look like the wait is killing me. We got the 3D photos and they are super cool at 16 weeks baby isn’t super defined but definitely an active one! And we got all the little bells and whistle she had too offer which was more than any other place we checked. I love the she offered a military discount and she even signed us up to get some great products for FREE!!! Thanks Erin your the best!!!
Eli Duangta Avatar
Eli Duangta
Did the standard sneakpeek blood test here on 12/07/21 and found out the next day that we are having a girl! Our little princess after 3 boys! Thank you so much Inside View. You guys are amazing and so sweet! Will be returning for ultrasounds soon! 💓
Sierra Humann Avatar
Sierra Humann
5 star ratingWe went at 13 weeks and ended up having to go back at 15 weeks to determine the gender. We did end up finding out we're having a boy! The ultrasound room is super comfy and large. We we're allowed up to 4 people to come with, so my b/f, daughter, mom and b/f mom all got to come watch! In a time with Covid, ive never gotten to bring my family with me to my ultrasounds so it was great. We paid the extra $10 for the baby flix, so we have a video of both times we visited and the whole ultrasound on top of a bunch of print outs we got both times. It was a great experience and the ladies are really nice.
Janessa S. Avatar
Janessa S.
My husband and I came in to find out the gender of our baby. This was the first ultrasound my husband was able to experience since all the OB offices are not allowing guests to appointments due to COVID. Erin was extremely friendly and kind. We were able to steam the ultrasound with my mom who lives in FL. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this place it was such a great experience.
Brittny Magnatta Avatar
Brittny Magnatta
I really enjoy coming here to see my baby. Erin has treated us well and is so friendly she will make you feel welcomed. The price is worth coming because you get to see your baby in peace while relaxing music is playing in the background. Erin does her best to get great photos of the baby and is patient in doing so. I really do recommend coming here, I came when I was 18 or 19weeks to find out the gender of baby and that was exciting! I returned when I was 30weeks to see my baby again in 3D!! It is always a beautiful experience. You won’t regret coming here. **By the way they keep it clean and sanitized, wear your mask and enjoy the experience.
Gaby Avatar
5 star ratingGreat experience!! My baby was a little stubborn but she was able to get some fantastic pictures of her that I stared at for hours and hours while awaiting her arrival. My 2 year old had a hard time being there with us (we had no sitter options) and the staff were so supportive and kind about it! thank you all for the wonderful experience and for being so understanding!!
Manda D. Avatar
Manda D.
Came here for sneak peek gender reveal blood draw, a regular ultrasound for when family was visiting from out of state and 3D/4D ultrasound with hubby today since he’s not allowed at the doctors office due to covid! Have loved all of the experiences and all the well thought out detail put into each experience…definitely recommend! Lots of freebies and good tips too, if you’re still thinking about it-give this place a shot!
Whitney Kirk Avatar
Whitney Kirk
Absolutely amazing!! It was such a warm and welcoming experience. We loved the live video option it allowed my mom to feel a little more apart of our journey from such a distance. The lady’s are so helpful and as soon as we left my husband was already talking about when to schedule the next visit.
Hailey Sebastiani Avatar
Hailey Sebastiani
Unforgettable Experience!

With COVID making its second wave here, we learned that my husband is not allowed into ultrasounds for the time being. We decided to book an early gender check with inside view so we could find out the gender together and give him a chance to see the baby as well. I cannot be more thankful that we did! The office is clean and the ultrasound room is very comfortable! It’s projected onto a large screen and there’s a chair and couch for other guests to sit. Erin was amazing and was so patient when our little one wouldn’t roll over! She was so great at explaining what we were seeing and capturing all of the most precious moments during the ultrasound. I HIGHLY recommend spending the extra $10 for the digital pictures. You can live stream your entire ultrasound and it even saves a video of the whole thing (which I’ve watched twice already and we only did it yesterday!) I was able to share all of the cuteness with my parents who live out of state. Overall it was an amazing experience and is so worth the money. We will be back for 3D and will definitely come back with future pregnancies. Can’t recommend enough!
Marina Edwards Avatar
Marina Edwards
5 star ratingUnforgettable Experience!

With COVID making its second wave here, we learned that my husband is not allowed into ultrasounds for the time being. We decided to book an early gender check with inside view so we could find out the gender together and give him a chance to see the baby as well. I cannot be more thankful that we did! The office is clean and the ultrasound room is very comfortable! It's projected onto a large screen and there's a chair and couch for other guests to sit. Erin was amazing and was so patient when our little one wouldn't roll over! She was so great at explaining what we were seeing and capturing all of the most precious moments during the ultrasound. I HIGHLY recommend spending the extra $10 for the digital pictures. You can live stream your entire ultrasound and it even saves a video of the whole thing (which I've watched twice already and we only did it yesterday!) I was able to share all of the cuteness with my parents who live out of state. Overall it was an amazing experience and is so worth the money. We will be back for 3D and will definitely come back with future pregnancies. Can't recommend enough!
Marina E. Avatar
Marina E.
I absolutely love this place! Erin is so kind and caring and makes you feel so comfortable and relaxed. I've gone here twice now for 2 separate pregnancies and this last one we tried everything to get my little man to cooperate so we could see his face and he was NOT having it! Erin is allowing me to come back without having to pay extra to get those images of my little man! She works woth you and is very patient. Prices are amazing and the heartbeat stuffed animals are down right precious! Can't wait to come back to get those extra pictures of my boy!
Shelby Oppelt Avatar
Shelby Oppelt
What an incredible experience. I loved that my husband was able to see our baby girl. My husband got kicked out of my OB office for the ultrasound because of Covid so we were worried that he wouldn’t be able to see her at all. It was such a special moment that we got to share together. I was explained exactly what we were looking at, and it is so cozy that it brought zero anxiety.
Bailee Hamilton Avatar
Bailee Hamilton
Great experience!!! Definitely recommend.
Have come here since the beginning of my pregnancy did the pregnancy journey package which Has been amazing since my husband and kids cannot go into doctors office with me due to Covid. Great experience for them to cherish & see baby brother. Have a bit of a drive an hour and a half but well worth it. Erin Definitely knows what’s she’s doing & makes you feel comfortable. Very cozy feel/vibe. Also did gender sneakpeak ultrasound at the beginning which was on point 😁👍🏼👍🏼❤️❤️
stephanie E Avatar
stephanie E
5 star ratingI have been to Inside View twice during this pregnancy and both times I have felt so comfortable! They take the time to make sure you feel welcome and during the ultrasound she is so sweet towards the baby and you it's incredible! They have so many packages that range from very adorable to more on the expensive side to suite your needs! If we end up getting pregnant again I will be back! Highly recommend to all expecting mothers looking to get another look or gender reveal!
Ashley C. Avatar
Ashley C.
The office was very comfy and very nice! The staff was amazing and very accommodating! Loved the whole experience that we've had there! Seeing the baby was so confrontable because they have great space and the big screen! Will definitely go there again! Can't wait to go back! ❤
Nicole Manske Avatar
Nicole Manske
I’ve gone here for two ultrasounds, as well as the Sneakpeek gender test and I had an incredible experience each time! The bed is so comfortable for the ultrasounds and it’s such a special experience to have the ultrasound on such a large screen. Everyone that works there is so kind and makes it so special! I highly recommend and definitely will be back!
Kaela Finney Avatar
Kaela Finney
5 star ratingI had a 3D/4D ultrasound done here and the experience was great! The tech is very friendly and really makes sure to get the best views and pictures of baby! It is also family friendly. We took our 3 other children with us to the ultrasound and made it a family experience! Couldn't have had anything better.
Sierralyn S. Avatar
Sierralyn S.
Went in for a gender check and was satisfied with the results. It was very comfortable and friendly. I had to bring my two boys with me and our tech didn’t seem bothered at them being boys talking and climbing up and down the couches. Lol

My little one was sleeping and did not want to be bothered but our tech kept trying and she got what she needed plus some really cute pictures! Can’t wait to be back for a 3D/4D picture of my baby’s face at 30 weeks 🥰

I definitely recommend this place a thousand % worth it!!!
Winnie Parks Avatar
Winnie Parks
5 star ratingThis was going to possibly be my last baby so I was way too impatient to wait for the gender being that I'm a mom of two young boys!!

We got in and it felt comfortable. I had to bring my two boys with me and they were really being boys this day but out was so patient and didn't seem to be bothered. Baby was sleeping but she got to see what we needed and got some cute pictures of our little one 🙂

I definitely recommend this place! Prices were reasonable and worth it if you want to see more of baby than the two ultrasounds you get with your doctor.
Winnie P. Avatar
Winnie P.
I had such a great experience here today! Very clean, calm, professional environment. My husband and I brought our toddler and it was not an issue at all; the tech was very kind to both our little one and us. I would highly recommend and will be returning in the future. Lovely place!
Alaina Avatar
5 star ratingWe called Thursday and they got us in next day at a time we could make work. We went in and the experience itself was amazing and comfortable. The bed was soft and lots of room for guests (I think four is the limit right now, maybe always). We got gender and we loved the time we spent there. Then getting home and seeing the cd, we're even more thrilled. Tons of pictures and even a little video of our guy boxing around in there. In the moment it can feel fast and sweeping but we got some really good shots of the gender so mom can rest assured in the gender. Lol.
Jessica J. Avatar
Jessica J.
5 star ratingYesterday my husband and I brought our 9 year old daughter and 1 year old son to do an ultrasound and early gender check. This experience was so amazing for us all to share. Our daughter had never been to an ultrasound and was so excited. She couldn't stop talking about her new baby sister afterwards. My husband has missed a lot of ultrasounds with my son and couldn't attend the ultrasounds with this pregnancy either due to covid. So to be able to schedule something he could attend to see the baby felt special.
Inside view has great protocol around covid, a warm and welcoming lobby as well as very comfortable room where the ultrasounds are performed. I was nervous about having a 1 year old with us but the staff didn't bat an eye and their areas were bigger than expected which was great!
I highly recommend this place. Erin really made us all comfortable and gave us wonderful news about our new addition!
Nicole A. Avatar
Nicole A.
5 star ratingSaturday was our second time using inside view and we loved every minute of it! It was very cool to see our baby in 3D. The staff has always been super friendly as well! When we did our early gender, the gender was detected correctly. It has been verified 3 times since then.
Alex M. Avatar
Alex M.
We have gone here twice during our pregnancy and both times have been great experiences! The room is so relaxing, the jelly was warm, and they take their time showing you great shots of your baby. My boyfriend, his 4 year old and my 9 year old got to join me in the room and there is plenty of space for them to view the baby. Highly recommend!
Courtney Rothwell Avatar
Courtney Rothwell
5 star ratingDuring this pregnancy we've visited inside View twice and both times I've left feeling better than when we walked in! Without a doubt you feel like the only client in the world and you're given such a good amount of time to experience watching your baby move about. I'm so so pleased with their service and cannot wait for our next ultrasound in a couple of months!!
Taylor W. Avatar
Taylor W.
I loved my time there. Was affordable and they had complimentary chocolates! Was nice an clean and friendly and they had cushy high quality furniture and a giant projector screen for friends and family to watch the session with you. Also for $10 more we got the entire recording of the session and got over 80 photos in 3D!!! So awesome!! I love my pictures of my baby girl! They also gave me a cooler bag full of stuff as well. Super cool little place.
Sarah Collins Avatar
Sarah Collins
Erin was awesome! Made my husband and I feel very comfortable! The room was cute and relaxing. My little one was being stubborn but she took her time to find the gender for us ! We will hopefully be back for 3-D of our little one once he’s big enough. 😊 Highly recommend inside view for gender and 3D ultrasounds.
Akeasa Alonso Avatar
Akeasa Alonso
Signing up for the Pregnancy Journey at Inside View has been the best decision of my pregnancy! We have gone for two ultrasounds so far and can hardly wait until our next one in June. Erin is awesome! She makes the entire experience so special every visit, from the warm heart-shaped gel to the soothing music to pointing out what we're seeing on the screen. I have horrible vision and I'm able to see my baby totally clearly at every moment thanks to the large projection. We also love the BabyFlix service as we can share our ultrasound photos and videos with our out-of-state family. I wish I knew some pregnant women so I could recommend Inside View to all of them - it is wonderful!
Amy Martin Avatar
Amy Martin
I found this place by searching for a private ultrasound on Google. Scheduled my appointment and used my GPS to get there. I was greeted right when I got in there and they explained how everything would work and had me fill out a small sheet of paper since it was my first time. They have a very comfortable room for you to have your ultrasound with a comfortable couch for your visitors to sit. There is a huge projector screen for an easy viewing of your ultrasound and the best part, they offer a livestream of your ultrasound so you could share with friends and family. It was great! I HIGHLY recommend this place if you are pregnant and want to get more ultrasound time between your regular doctor appointments.
Allison Wentz Avatar
Allison Wentz
The service here is great especially for people who want to bring their kids to see the ultrasound. They are very tolerant of the kids being in the room and they use a giant display so our kids could see, hear, and ask questions. Additionally, the staff is very nice and was accommodating to my wife's requests during the ultrasound to include not find out the gender.
George Ambelang Avatar
George Ambelang
5 star ratingI absolutely love our experience with Erin. She was so nice and it was great to see our baby in a calm and relaxing environment! Could not recommend enough!
Kaitlin G. Avatar
Kaitlin G.
5 star ratingWe had a really good experience with our early gender appointment. The ultrasound was on a big projector so we could see everything really well, and the bed was so comfy. My husband got to go to the appointment with me which was so important since he can't attend regular doctors visits. Highly recommend!!
Abby P. Avatar
Abby P.
I loved the experience we had here! This is our first pregnancy and the first grandchild of the family. My mom was visiting from out of town and she said it was an experience she will remember forever. Erin was so kind and patient, even when baby wasn’t cooperating. She took her time and did some tricks and in the end was able to capture some really great photos for us (even when that meant going over our time limit a little!) We also were able to live stream the ultrasound for the rest of our family. I highly recommend going here for a fun view of baby!!
Laurie F Avatar
Laurie F
I look forward to coming here when I’m pregnant it is such a cool experience being able to see your baby before they are born! I started coming here 3 years ago with my 2nd pregnancy and we did a few 3D ultrasound packages and I got a stuffed animal with the babies heart beat in it that is still in great condition. It is so crazy how you are able to see the baby, the pictures are so clear and he looked just like the pictures when he was born. I’ve been back a few times with this pregnancy we did the early gender blood draw it was accurate and fast results and we have done a few 3D ultrasounds also! Great pricing and amazing care here.
Makayla Muir Avatar
Makayla Muir
Love this place I think we’ll be coming back when I’m further along in my pregnancy! I came when I was 14 weeks and they explained that the package I chose online when I booked was for women 27+ weeks so we went with a different package instead, but still got to see our baby in 3D. My husband was doing an exercise at the time (army life, nothing new lol) and since he couldn’t come I brought my parents, brother, and my two year old daughter. She cried during the whole ultrasound because she was scared for me since she’s never seen me in that situation. The tech lady was SO nice and patient. I was so embarrassed but she let her sit right by me and let her hold the wand for a little bit to have her “help” with the ultrasound. I highly recommend coming here. Thank you to all the staff for making our appointment so enjoyable!!
Caitlin Avatar
We went to Inside View to find out what we were having at 14 weeks. We were throughly impressed with the staff and the cleanliness and atmosphere of the business! Even though our baby was fast asleep (even with my wife drinking a smoothie) we were still able to find out what we were having while our family all the way in FL was able to watch live! We can’t wait to go back for our 4D ultrasound later on to see the baby’s features. I would highly recommend this business if you are wanting to find out the gender early or if you are wanting a 4D ultrasound. Well worth it!
Alex McCutcheon Avatar
Alex McCutcheon
The experience was wonderful, the tech was kind, patient and seemed to really enjoy looking at our little bean. The tech was respectful and made the whole experience enjoyable. The setting was warm, comfortable and personable. They have many options and also do photography. We were able to just watch our baby move around and the tech was so patient with our stubborn baby until she was in a position to get a cute picture. We will definitely be coming back!
Dallas Morrison Avatar
Dallas Morrison
5 star ratingIt was such an awesome experience. The atmosphere was incredible and I couldn't be happier with my experience. I highly recommend.
Esther M. Avatar
Esther M.
5 star ratingI signed up for the early gender & 3D/4D ultrasound. When you get to the office they'll have you sanitize your hands and sign some papers. The gender scan lasted about 20 minutes, much longer than I was expecting. Everyone was kind and the office was clean. The app was loaded within a half hour of the appointment (maybe sooner, that's when I checked it) with all the photos and recording of the entire scan. You can share photos and videos right from the BabyFlix app. We were able to share the experience with baby's great grandma who still isn't allowed visitors due to covid - she loved it! It was such a neat experience to see our lil girl and would definitely recommend it!
Ashlee A. Avatar
Ashlee A.
The most amazing experience! I am 14 weeks and went in to find out the genders of my twins. The tech was kind and patient as one of the twins was not in a good position to tell gender but she kept trying until she could get a better look. This is so perfect for during COVID when many partners can’t join in the ultrasound appointments at the doctors. Can’t wait to go back!
Brittney Abuso Avatar
Brittney Abuso
5 star ratingI am 31 weeks along with our first baby!! This experience was amazing! It was so nice to see our little girls face! I love the heart beat stuffed elephant we got! 10/10 would recommend to anyone who is pregnant!
Montanna L. Avatar
Montanna L.
Love this place! Came here to get a 3D ultrasound and this was the only place I found where I was actually able to bring family members with me. Very welcoming place and was an amazing experience for me and my partner. If you are thinking about coming in here, I highly recommend the big star package. I got many pictures , a DVD, and access to the app woth all of the ultra sound pictures that were taken.
LeAnne Delacruz Avatar
LeAnne Delacruz
I had both a gender ultrasound and a 3D ultrasound here in 2018, and just returned again for a 3D ultrasound for our second baby. We went during COVID so we wore masks the entire time and our temperatures were checked at the door. It was still a very comfortable environment, with a nice bed to lay on for the ultrasound and couches/chairs for visitors. Our baby was not cooperative on our first visit so we had to schedule a second visit in order to get some views of her face. They were very accommodating in helping us schedule the revisit. The second time around the pictures came out great and it was so fun being able to see our baby. The website that comes with the package and gives you the digital images is great! I also 100% suggest getting the heartbeat stuffed animal! We’ve now gotten one with each of our babies and they make such a great keepsake for them.
Jessica Locke Avatar
Jessica Locke
5 star ratingWanted my husband to be able to see a ultrasound in person since all this pandemic stuff has not allowed him to come with at the hospital. I loved having the giant projector to see your ultrasound. The room was dark and cozy didn't feel like a hospital at all. Erin the owner and the ultrasound tech was super nice and knowledgeable. Pricing was fair and they do have a military discount. We got our 2D and 3D photos printed out as well at $10 extra dollars to get an online gallery of videos and more photos to share with family and friends who live out of state. Totally worth every penny!
Hayley R. Avatar
Hayley R.
5 star ratingThis is my last pregnancy (4th baby) and my first 3D/4D ultrasound. My previous 3, my kids were able to attend for the gender ultrasound and I always had great profile ultrasound photos. Due to the pandemic, my kids weren't allowed to and the 3 reg ultrasounds I've received, not one good picture and only 1 or 2 were printed out for me.

So I'm pretty grateful that Inside view allows up to 5 people in for the ultrasound so that my older kids could see their baby sibling before the arrival and experience it. Not only that, I have plenty of great pictures, videos and online access to it!

Very please and well worth the money!!!
Marina P. Avatar
Marina P.
Our experience was wonderful! We had the chance to do the 3d/4d ultrasound, although the baby’s position was a bit hard ( side position).
Aren tried her best for great pictures 😍. The studio is very hygienic and has a comfortable bed. The staff is so friendly too. They also gave us a diaper bag as a gift 🙂 I highly recommend their studio for all mothers to be!
Sharifah Alhusainan Avatar
Sharifah Alhusainan
I highly recommend this place. This is my first baby in five years and everything feels so different but this place felt very quiet and calm and watching my little one move on the huge screen was an amazing treat. So happy my significant other got to experience an incredible place like this. It wasn't only special for me but it was very special for him. We will definitely be making a return visit for the early gender reveal!
McKenzie Helvie Avatar
McKenzie Helvie
Due to COVID my partner hasn't been able to attend any of my prenatal appointments with me or see out baby girl live. For Christmas I booked him a 3D/4D ultrasound with Erin. The experience far exceeded our expectations. The facilities are very clean, quite and comfortable and they offer so many options to make the appointment special. We left with our daughters heartbeat in the cutest ready bear so we can listen whenever we would like. I would recommend anybody to go and see Erin for your special 4D scan.
Kaylee A Avatar
Kaylee A
I’d highly recommend to anyone looking to get a sneak peek at their little one(s). Super convenient location and very cute studio. This was by far one of the more comfortable ultrasounds I’ve ever had, the table you lay on is so cushioned- this matters a lot if you’re further along in your pregnancy 🙂 We left with a lot of pictures and a great memory that was shared with our 5 year old. We went in for the holiday special but noticed they have a lot of other packages to choose from, something for everyone!
amelia marconi Avatar
amelia marconi
5 star ratingJasmine at the front desk is very friendly & explained everything, like the different packages they offer.
Erin is great, especially with our baby girl that had her feet & hands in front of her face. She explained what she was doing/how baby was laying during the ultrasound. She was able to get some great pictures, plus her heartbeat for our keepsake.
The room the ultrasound is in is large, and I loved how large the screen was to view our baby as well.
They are also taking all the steps for Covid as well, sanitizer everywhere, distancing, etc.

I definitely recommend Inside View & would go back again. It was a lovely experience.
Amanda R. Avatar
Amanda R.
This was my first time having a 3d/4d ultrasound done, and let me tell you it was such an awesome experience. The staff was amazing, helped with all the questions I had. The lady that did my ultrasound made me feel comfortable and was really trying to take as much as pictures of my baby girl. Such a cute little office and very cozy. I would definitely recommend this place and would go back ❤️
zuleyma perez Avatar
zuleyma perez
5 star ratingI was recommended to use this place by a friend, and I am so glad I did! Both ladies were so nice and welcoming to my appointment! I love how clean they kept the place especially with covid going on. I'm so grateful my husband was able to come to this appointment with me especially since he wasn't allowed to come to any of my doctor appointment due to the covid policies.

Erin was so patient with us, especially when my 2 year old was having a fit. She made sure to take her time during the ultrasound and show us EVERYTHING! The room itself was so nice and cozy, lots of sitting room, and we love how big the projector screen was. We are so happy we got to find out as a family what we are having! I highly suggest everyone get this amazing experience.
Alyssa W. Avatar
Alyssa W.
I have been to their office 3 times now and I have had a lot of fun each time. The staff are friendly and excited to see you through your pregnancy. The room for ultrasounds is very comfortable and clean. They respect your wishes on sex reveal. I'm at week 16 now and I'm excited for my next two appointments. It's nice to be able to have 4 people come with if you want. That way my husband and son can come too. It's been a very exciting experience for the two of them. (:
Amanda Miller Avatar
Amanda Miller
My husband and I went here because our doctor isn’t allowing guests in to my appointments! This place allows up to 4 guests, and it was plenty of time for us to watch our little one wiggle around. It was my husbands first time seeing our son and he was so grateful and excited about the whole experience. We got the heartbeat special which included a stuffed animal with the baby’s heartbeat. Will definitely be returning for a 3D/4D scan when I’m further along!!
Kayla Langland Avatar
Kayla Langland
I have been here three times this pregnancy and each time we have had a great experience! We have the most shy little boy who does not want us to see him but Erin is so patient and has a few tricks up her sleeve to get baby to do what you want. Very satisfied and will be coming back for next pregnancies.
Christin De Casas Avatar
Christin De Casas
5 star ratingI HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND going to Inside View for your special ultrasound experience!! Your experience starts at the front desk to the end of your appointment!! Jasmine at the front is very sweet & helpful! Erin the US Tech is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! She was so helpful with getting my stubborn lil girl to show her beautiful face! The room is so relaxing & I love that you're able to have family by your side!!
Christina C. Avatar
Christina C.
Front desk lady was nice, Erin was so wonderful!
We had an appointment last weekend that we had to reschedule do to them being closed and she was very apologetic about it life happens so we understood but she still did everything to make us feel comfortable and took her time getting great pictures of our son even with his hand, food and umbilical cord in his face. She even gave us a gift for us having to reschedule.

Highly recommend this place!
Anna Thrasher Avatar
Anna Thrasher
I came here yesterday for my first time and Erin was wonderful. The back office is so relaxing and you can bring your family with you while you see your little one on a projector! There is nice music and Erin was so patient when the baby was not cooperating and let us stay until we got the gender! Thank you Inside View staff for being so amazing! Highly recommend! 🙂
Christina Fernandez Avatar
Christina Fernandez
I came here with my last 2 babies and I just came in for my 3rd baby! The owner has always been so caring and patient with our little ones and this time again she did not disappoint! It's our third girl! I will recommend this place to any mommies. You will feel at home and relaxed here. Also they are even allowing people to come in with you for this appointment not like in doctors offices right now. Erin is amazing and the other staff at the front desk are professional and nice. I will becoming back for the 3D/4D ultrasound!
Stephanie Murphy Avatar
Stephanie Murphy
I have had two ultrasounds so far and my experience has been perfect. I always feel so comfortable and get great pictures of our baby. The video option so I can show my family and friends later is amazing. Highly recommend coming here it is such a special experience.
Ciera Banks Avatar
Ciera Banks
We went here with our first pregnancy and was super happy with the experience. As soon as we found out we were pregnant again we knew exactly where we wanted to go. It is such a cute space set up perfectly to make you feel at home and comfortable. The staff is always so extremely sweet and very helpful. It is also amazing that we have been allowed to have my husband and daughter there for this experience.
We got a heart beat stuffed animal the first go around and my daughter still sleeps with it and still sounds great. 🥰🥰 Very pleased and would highly recommend to anyone.
zan granillo Avatar
zan granillo
Erin is awesome! The whole atmosphere here is so welcoming & just a great experience overall. I recommend 110%.
Diana Velazquez Avatar
Diana Velazquez
My partner and I weren't able to experience a great first ultrasound through my doctor's because of covid, lasted 5 minutes and was dissapointing so we ended up scheduling one here. Originally I was just going to do a regular 2d scan with a few photos but ended up doing a 2d&3d with babyflix and it was so great! The ultrasound tech was so friendly and informative, she put the effort in to explain every part of the ultrasound to us and even got the gender at 13 weeks. We got the whole thing recorded and it was an amazing experience. We will definitely be coming back for another appointment further along.
Ashley Sturdevant Avatar
Ashley Sturdevant
I had my appointment this last Thursday and the experience was amazing. This is my 4th child and had never opted for a 3D ultrasound but this exceeded my expectations. The woman at the front desk was the same one who did the ultrasound and she was amazing! So polite and made me comfortable. The atmosphere is different than a doctors office. It's cozy, quiet and comfortable. Definitely recommend. Thank you Inside View!
kayla puckett Avatar
kayla puckett
5 star ratingMy husband and I went in to see our baby. The first visit was rather disappointing, as she did not want to show us anything despite every effort encouraging her to do so. However, Erin gave us tips and suggested coming in at a later date for another attempt. That visit we were able to see her and it was perfect. Great clean setting, office staff friendly and inviting. Erin is very knowledgeable and makes it a great experience. We were able to livestream for family who couldn't make it. Highly recommend!
Lindsie T. Avatar
Lindsie T.
Inside view is amazing! The front desk lady was very friendly & professional!
Erin did our ultrasound and she was awesome! Our little guy was uncooperative at first but she did everything she could to get us some good shots of him still. The room is comfortable and relaxing with lots of space & a projector screen so you can see everything. We’ll be back if we have anymore babes
Alyssa Brown Avatar
Alyssa Brown
Covid made this our only option for my husband to see our little girl. They were professional and patient with us. The pictures turned out very nicely and my family enjoyed being able to watch the videos at home as well.
Kacey Bernard Avatar
Kacey Bernard
Inside view was wonderful! They always double checked to make sure we had the experience we wanted while being there. The room for the ultrasound is comforting and can fit the whole family comfortably while seeing your little on the big screen which I thought was unique! My husband and I were planning a gender reveal and did not want to know the sex of the baby at the ultrasound and they made sure to put the sex of the baby in a different envelope. Inside view is definitely the place to go if you want to see the sex early or just want extra time and 4d pictures of your baby! Wonderful place.
Kirsten Henry Avatar
Kirsten Henry
The staff was super friendly and helpful! The place was clean, warm, inviting and comfortable! Loved the whole experience!
Jessica Davidson Avatar
Jessica Davidson
had our apt during COVID on 8/8/ at 9:00am Was comfortable, personable and accommodating. Can't wait to go back at 30 weeks for the next one!!
N & D M Avatar
N & D M
I got the super gender check and it was amazing. There was a Comfortable setting and it was great to be able to find out with my boyfriend what we’ll be having. I will forever recommend this place to everyone that’s pregnant. I will definitely be coming again.
shawna walker Avatar
shawna walker
An amazing clinic! My husband and I originally weren’t going to do a 3D/4D ultrasound, but COVID prevented him from attending my ultrasounds that were covered by insurance. We found this local clinic and were beyond satisfied with our experience! Our little boy refused to fully show his face, but Erin worked so hard to get us some decent photos! My husband and I are truly grateful to have seen our boy together. Thank you Inside View!
Brianna Kittrell Avatar
Brianna Kittrell
We loved our experience here. Super quick to make an appointment (within the same week). Such a friendly staff - the whole experience was comfortable & exciting!
Alaina Cowell Avatar
Alaina Cowell