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We came in today for our DNA and Doughnuts/Sneak Peek early gender test blood draw. We were lucky enough that they could fit us in for an ultrasound. I chose this location specifically because of all the glowing reviews of Erin and her staff. I was not disappointed. Even my husband, who is not easily impressed, was going on an on about how homey it was and how wonderful the staff was. We will definitely return for an ultrasound later on as well. This is not the closest Ultrasound Boutique to us, but we will choose this place anyways because they are that good! 🙂

Jessica Waldo Avatar Jessica Waldo

5 star ratingThey were great, Erin is so kind! The room is big and comfortable, and the screen you get to watch is a nice, big projector!

Alyssa T. Avatar Alyssa T.

5 star ratingAmazing I loved the experience!

Chelsea D. Avatar Chelsea D.

5 star ratingIf there was more than 5 stars available that is what I would give. This was our first time experiencing a 3D/4D ultrasound and it was amazing to watch. Erin makes everyone feel so welcome and comfortable!

Cindy C. Avatar Cindy C.

5 star ratingI went to Inside View in July to find out the gender of my newest baby and I was so pleased with them that I went back on the 30th of November to have a 4D ultrasound done before my little guy enters the world. They do their best to get you the best possible pictures of your baby and it is such a relaxing and welcoming environment!!!

Heather S. Avatar Heather S.

It was a wonderful experience! Very calming and relaxing environment. My daughter and I were very comfortable - she had a soft bed to lie on and I was on a comfy couch. The room was large and dimly lit with soft music playing.

We spent the time watching her son on a large screen - while the technician/owner (Erin) explained in detail what we were seeing. She has a calming presence and it can be easily seen that she loves what she does!

My daughter had been told by her OB at her 20 week ultrasound the other day - that he was 85% sure the baby was a boy. She wanted 100% verification which is what she received at this visit.

Would highly recommend - a memorable experience!

Pamela Wimer Avatar Pamela Wimer

My husband and I had an absolutely wonderful experience! You can tell the owner loves what she does, and her studio is so comfortable and adorable. We will definitely refer Inside View!

danielle chartrand Avatar danielle chartrand

5 star ratingMy husband and I are expecting Twins, when we found out we just knew we couldn't wait till 21 weeks to find out the genders so we went in search of a place that could cure our curiosity early, we had such a great experience that we ended up purchasing a package so we could come back and get the -3D/4D pictures once we got further along, because we have two they were squished and not cooperating as much but the cheap price you pay to see your beautiful babies early is worth every penny and this place doesn't disappoint.

Hayley C. Avatar Hayley C.

I have had a lot of anxiety associated with this pregnancy, so I decided to book an early peak ultrasound. I was NOT disappointed! The facility was very clean and nice. Erin was so sweet, and seemed genuinely happy with her job and made such sweet comments about my baby that made me tear up a bit. I was happy to share that experience with someone who seems to really care about her customers and their babies. I was there alone, and was overjoyed that I was able to send my out-of-state family and friends a link to live stream and watch with me. They were thrilled to be a part of it. I will definitely be going here again, it was an amazing experience!

Jamie Rogers Avatar Jamie Rogers

My wife and I recently discovered our 12 week unborn baby's heart had stopped beating. We decided that we wanted a memorial of our little one to honor him, for he was alive and he was a gift from God, however temporary. As such, we reached out to Prenatal Universe to get a quote, or see if they even honor such a peculiar request. The owner called me back personally and offered to give us an ultrasound, without charge, to ease our burden. This is such a remarkable, compassionate act from a business that's only concern should be just to make money. Clearly they are run by a genuinely sweet and caring owner and staff, so you can rest assured that with Prenatal Universe Ultrasound, you are in great hands.

Jacob Barrow Avatar Jacob Barrow

This place is wonderful! I had no idea what to expect and I was very pleasantly surprised. The woman was so nice and took the time to explain everything to us in detail. They have a big screen so you don’t miss anything and it is incredibly comfortable. We will definitely be coming back! They even do a military discount ❤️!

Cecelia Cansino Avatar Cecelia Cansino

Absolutely loved my experience at Inside View, and cannot wait to go back for my second session in a few weeks! The technician spent extra time with us since we had both of our parents and grandparents from out of state live streaming it, which was an amazing and touching experience for them as well. We got to confirm once again that our little babe is a girl (yay!), and got to see her in 2D & 3D (although I was just shy of 18 weeks, so baby is still a little small!). The pictures came out fantastic and will be cherished for years to come. The room is comfortable and inviting, and large enough for big families to all come and enjoy the viewing. I cannot rave enough about this place!

Mariah Coffey Avatar Mariah Coffey

5 star ratingAbsolutely loved my experience at Inside View, and cannot wait to go back for my second session in a few weeks! The technician spent extra time with us since we had both of our parents and grandparents from out of state live streaming it, which was an amazing and touching experience for them as well. We got to confirm once again that our little babe is a girl (yay!), and got to see her in 2D & 3D (although I was just shy of 18 weeks, so baby is still a little small!). The pictures came out fantastic and will be cherished for years to come. The room is comfortable and inviting, and large enough for big families to all come and enjoy the viewing. I cannot rave enough about this place!

Mariah C. Avatar Mariah C.

Such a wonderful experience! Our ultrasound technician was experienced and very pleasant. Our little bundle of joy had a hard time revealing her gender but the technician was very patient and understanding and knew all the techniques to eventually have the gender revealed. We had plenty of room for all my family to attend (and they all had a lovely, memorable experience). The bed for me to lie on was very comfortable AND it was big enough for my husband to snuggle up next to me throughout the appointment. I highly recommend this business - the experience was well worth the money!

Jacqueline RubyLee Gorzynski Avatar Jacqueline RubyLee Gorzynski

I haven’t had an ultrasound done yet from my doctor and I’m so glad Inside View 3D/4D was my first! The whole experience was very comforting and the staff had gone above & beyond in their customer service..even though my growing baby didn’t make it easy for pictures..I’m still very pleased with what i received! I will definitely be going back before I’m due in February! Thank you again!

Stephanie White Avatar Stephanie White

im 15 weeks and the visit was quite successful. HAVING A BOY! the whole experience was very enjoyable. comfortable room, big screen projector, CD with about 35 photos a few video clips and a DVD of the whole session. Def money well spent! they ever gave me a gift of a breast milk cooler with formula too.

Mandy Avatar Mandy

5 star ratingMy husband and I booked an appointment with Inside View for an early gender scan. It was amazing! Erin was so friendly and made us feel comfortable from the beginning. Seeing our little one was an incredible experience! I would definitely go back!

Mary E. Avatar Mary E.

So we just did the big star package which includes the 3D/4D ultrasound and did the early gender check a couple months ago. It was easy to make appointments and would recommend them to anyone who has a partner who works long hours during the weekdays. I appreciate that they are open on the weekends.

Erin was great and did the best she could with our stubborn baby. We got some really great photos and videos.

mia barber Avatar mia barber

5 star ratingWe went to Inside View for a gender confirmation ultrasound at 21 weeks. The tech was awesome and very patient when our little girl took her time getting into a good position for clear pictures. We even got a cd with all the pictures from the scan and a couple videos. What a treasure! Great experience, I'd recommend this place to anyone wanting a sneak peek at their little one.

Emma P. Avatar Emma P.

It was such a great experience! The room was comfortable and big enough for our family of 4! She did an excellent job little man does not have much room (I’m 36 weeks almost 37) but she got wonderful shots of him I was so so pleased and excited to finally see his sweet little face! If there were anymore kids in the future for us I would definitely go back!

Thank you so much again Erin we really appreciate you!

From the Schultz family 😊

Brittany Schultz Avatar Brittany Schultz

Awesome place, We went in for the early Gender Check this past weekend and were blown away the ultrasound is projected onto a Big screen so u can see so much AWESOME. The room is nice a cozy as well. The prices are reasonable for each different package, we chose the super Gender check and got lots of pictures to enjoy. We Loved it and will definitely tell all our friends.. Friendly cozy Place

Crystal Greene Avatar Crystal Greene

My wife is roughly 15 weeks pregnant we did this last time with our son but he was 18 weeks. Inside View is very welcoming and clean. We had Andi she was truly a blessing to work with she took her time to analyze and make sure she could determine the gender and now because of her we are able to do our gender review. Thank you Andi so much and yes we will see you at 28 weeks. Great experience. Highly recommend this establishment.

Doug Briggs Avatar Doug Briggs

My wife sierra and I came in because we wanted to do a 3d ultrasound. This is our first baby together. We've had 2 previous miscarriages but this pregnancy has been perfect so our doctor said we wouldn't be getting anymore ultrasounds. Andi took such good care of us and made sure we didn't leave the office without her satisfaction as well, even though baby Ryder wasn't being very cooperative at first. It was definitely money well spent, it was personal, not rushed, very relaxing and definitely something we will both be recommending to our friends in the future. Thank you again! 🙂

Terry Pritchard Avatar Terry Pritchard

We had such an amazing experience with Inside View! We went in for an Early Gender Ultrasound and was blown away. Both ladies were super nice and friendly. Waiting area was nice and cozy with toys for little ones to play with. The ultrasound room was awesome! We brought our 2 other children with us as well as my Mom and Grandma and there was more than enough room! It was an awesome experience for the whole family. I would definitely recommended Inside View over and over again!!

Rachel Guidry Avatar Rachel Guidry

5 star ratingMy fiance and I went there a couple weeks back. I was honestly a little skeptical. But to my surprise, we had the best experience I think possible. The owner was there and made sure we were taken care of and answered any questions we had. The tech was great as well.  The ultrasound room was more than comfortable. I honestly couldn't believe how cheap the package was compared to what we got. We got the gender check w/ the heartbeat in the stuffed animal. I would recommend this experience to any and everyone!! We will be back very soon!!!

Dylan L. Avatar Dylan L.

5 star ratingErin was absolutely amazing!! I came while 34-35 weeks pregnant (which doesn't leave much room for her to work with) I was able to come back after not seeing my baby's face on the first try. Still allowing us to explore what we could of baby in 2D. She gave me excellent advice on how to get baby active for the next appointment and IT WORKED! We were able to come home with a 3D/4D DVD and a 30 day link of both my visits for family not in the area to watch. We also did LIVE view for those available at home to watch and it was very easy to send the link and have them connect to this very important moment we shared. It allowed my husband and I to enjoy this moment together, while family could do so at home. The privacy and comfortability was unmatched! Purchased the recorded heart beat of my baby which Erin placed inside a stuffed animal of my choosing. So SPECIAL

Monique M. Avatar Monique M.

5 star ratingWe were thrilled with our experience at Inside View. Erin was fantastic to work with regarding scheduling, checking up is and performing our ultrasound. The room was extremely spacious and comfortable, the images were perfectly clear and she gave a generous amount of prints and little extra gifts. I did this on a whim to allow my best friend to join us when we found out the gender and she was in tears. Definitely a great way to get loved ones involved with your pregnancy and special memories for years to come. I will be recommending this to every pregnant woman I know. I mean, who doesn't want to know the gender at 14+ weeks?!

Kelley B. Avatar Kelley B.