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Amazing and relaxing experience!!!! Prices aren’t bad at all!! The bed is super comfy and there is a big projector screen and a small tv everyone can enjoy!! The room is huge for families and friends!! I didn’t use it but there is a live feed as well for people to enjoy who can’t be there!! I loved the heart teddy bears to keep the heart beat.. she has lots of gift ideas 😍 can’t wait to do the 3D version!!! Team girl 👧

Amanda Henderson Avatar
Amanda Henderson

Very great experience. Made me comfortable had some laughs with her and my friend. Everything was well worth what I paid for. The experience was so great and exactly what I was hoping for. Would definitely recommend to any 1st time mother's for that first clear look of their bundle of joy.

Monica Marie Avatar
Monica Marie

5 star ratingVery professional and have a great home feeling

Nikkia S. Avatar
Nikkia S.

This place is PHENOMENAL. First time coming here was yesterday and the services here were beyond anywhere I’ve ever heard of being. Erin was so helpful throughout the process from checking in and filling out paperwork to doing my ultrasound to see my baby boy 💙 The ultrasound room has a comfy bed, a projector screen to see your peanut and many other things! I recommend for all expecting mom’s to come here☺️

Stephanie Degruy Avatar
Stephanie Degruy

I have had the sneak peak gender test and the big star 3D/4D ultrasound done here and I just loved it! The room was big enough for my family to join in on the action. The bed was sooooo comfortable too! The images I got of my little baby melted my heart and reassured me that he is in fact perfect 😍

Heather hopfner Avatar
Heather hopfner

5 star ratingWe had an amazing time we actually drove 2 hours to go to inside view. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone that wants to have this done.

Amy H. Avatar
Amy H.

5 star ratingErin is super friendly and gave us a great experience for our gender determination. We will definitely be back for another ultrasound!

Susan B. Avatar
Susan B.

We had our early gender reveal yesterday and the experience was BEYOND WORDS. Erin was amazing, patient and very professional. Her office was very clean and cozy. She made us feel extremely comfortable throughout the entire appointment. I am so happy i found her because i never thought i'd be able to experience this amazing part of the pregnancy. I highly recommend Inside View! And we're definitely going back for another ultrasound later on. Thank you Erin!

Jhoneelyne Fines Avatar
Jhoneelyne Fines

5 star ratingIT'S A GIRL !!! ... FINALLY !!!
We wanted to find out as soon as we could.  Since we said this would be our last ... I was really wishing for a GIRL. And FINALLY My boys will have a baby sister... This was our first time going to a third party ultrasound place, and I wish we did it before.  The owner was super nice and her helper was soo sweet. We will definitely be back to get more pictures of our princess!!

They provide water and orange juice in case you come without enough in your bladder.  The video of the ultrasound was able to be streamed LIVE so our family in Hawaii was able to see everything while she was doing it.  The ultrasound room was really big and was accommodating to my family of 4.  I LOVED our experience here, we left very satisfied. They were super nice, and the owner really knows what she's doing and what she's looking at.

Lani L. Avatar
Lani L.

5 star ratingThis was our first time here, and it was absolutely phenomenal. It was a very professional yet comfortable setting. There was many options for us to choose from and were very reasonably priced. Erin is very friendly. We will definitely be coming back, and recommending to our friends.

Robert B. Avatar
Robert B.

5 star ratingI could not wait an extra week to find out the gender of my baby, so I decided to schedule an appointment here based on the reviews.  She was super friendly and did a really great job with the ultrasounds today.  I am definitely coming back for the full 3D scan as I get further along.  Super happy with the results.  Will confirm in 1 week and a half with the health ultrasound if she was 100% correct with the gender 😉

Annie S. Avatar
Annie S.

I went in for my ultrasound the other day at a different office and they couldn't see the gender of my baby. My boyfriend and I left very upset that day. Yesterday I went into inside view for a 3D/4D ultrasound and they were able to see the gender in minutes even though my baby was being incredibly stubborn. I was able to have my gender reveal and let my family know we're welcoming a little baby boy! I definitely recommend inside view to anyone who wants to know there baby's gender. This place is incredibly comfortable, cozy and quiet.

Amanda Mowat Avatar
Amanda Mowat

5 star ratingCame here today for a early gender check and had a good experience. The facility was really nice and so was the staff. Highly recommend

Mrs. W. Avatar
Mrs. W.

If you're dying to know the gender of your little one, inside view is the perfect and most coziest place to go to. They're very welcoming and the staff is super friendly and sweet. They have juice and water to get your baby moving before you go in and see them on the big screen. Overall experience is 10/10!


We went for an early gender check at 14w and were super excited to find out we were having a boy! We loved seeing him and the tech was nice and explained the anatomy as well. We didn't get the best pictures afterwards, but she was certain it was a boy! 😊 we can't wait to come back again for the 3d/4d!

Mikaela Lacy Avatar
Mikaela Lacy

5 star ratingWe had an amazing experience with inside view! The ultrasound tech was extremely mindful of our wishes and kept the gender of our baby a secret, she placed the gender in a envelope on a post it note for my photographer to open, and reveal to us! Cozy environment, very welcoming, and extremely polite! Will revisit for sure this pregnancy, and will highly recommend to all of my friends/family who may be expecting!

Loyala D. Avatar
Loyala D.

5 star ratingI loved how comfortable I was and hoe sweet she was durong the whole thing. I love that the atmosphere felt like home. Truely worth every penny. And I would definetly go back if I have another baby!

Cara C. Avatar
Cara C.

Great experience, Erin is very professional and showed genuine care for what she was doing. Nice big room and she has a projector on the wall so you can see whats on the computer. She was very very helpful in ensuring we got good pictures and even helped my wife out with some exercise that made the baby move around a little bit.

Thanks for your help Erin, we definately recommended you to some friends.

grizzly 1 Avatar
grizzly 1

5 star ratingMy husband and i are expecting a babygirl! We had such an amazing experience here. Erin was very professional, friendly, and patient with the whole session.

Lilly D. Avatar
Lilly D.

Cannot say enough good things about Erin and inside view. We did the early gender check and then came back for the 3D/4D view. This appointment the baby didn’t want to move and Erin was so so patient, gave me some juice allowed me to walk around in hopes to get the baby to move. Absolutely recommend her for any of your ultrasound needs. She does a fantastic job and such a warming place to be.

Corrine McLucas Avatar
Corrine McLucas

5 star ratingFirst of all I just want to point out that we drove from 1hour up north in Enumclaw to get here. Erin is amazing my wife was very comfortable with her and she was very helpful in helping us get some good pictures of the baby by recommending movements that mom should do to move baby around to get hands and feet out the face. She made sure my wife didn't get off the bed until she was comfortable and got good shots...sure we went a little over the allotted time but she wanted to ensure that we were happy with her service. I'd recommend her to any couple trying to do this 3D/4D ultrasound and she was very co-operative. Ask about her specials [we got quite a few trinkets]  and discounts such as her military discounts for veterans. I mean 30mins for that price is very reasonable for such a service, not to be a sore critic but many places aren't as reasonable as her nor do they ensure you get good pictures for your future use. She also included offers such as a free live streaming to other family members which is extra cost at most places...ok go check her out my fingers are tired.

Thanks a bunch Erin.

Garfield G. Avatar
Garfield G.

5 star ratingI have been AMAZED at my experiences at Inside View. I went here with my last pregnancy several times and everyone is so friendly and makes you feel so comfortable. They were able to tell me the gender of my sweet boy at 13 weeks. They also got great shots of his face when I was 39 weeks pregnant. I am so thankful for these wonderful memories and I will continue to go here throughout my current pregnancy with my second. I recommend this place to anyone wanting to see their sweet little babe!

Lexie D. Avatar
Lexie D.

Honestly the best ultrasound I have ever had. She is so kind and so sweet and I just love the way she decorated and makes you feel at home.. Truely worth every penny. The bed is so comfy and made me feel so relaxed just by being herself. Nothing but good things to say! ❤

Cara Cullipher Avatar
Cara Cullipher

5 star ratingWent there for my 9th week and found out the gender. Took her time and made sure I was satisfied and happy with the appointment. Just went today for my 3D/4D and it was worth every penny. She's so caring and makes sure to try her hardest to get good views of babies face even tho the babies always been stubborn when it comes to my ultrasounds. Got amazing pictures and a CD with all her pictures and the heartbeat. I'd definitely recommend her

Haley S. Avatar
Haley S.

5 star ratingWe went to Inside View for a gender ultrasound at 15 weeks. Leading up to the appointment, I received helpful emails explaining how to best prepare and how to find the office.

Erin was great and very kind during our appointment. The ultrasound room was VERY spacious and comfortable. You could comfortably fit 10+ people in there to view the ultrasound with you, since there's multiple chairs and a sofa with the ultrasound projected onto the wall.

I'd highly recommend Inside View! It was just so much more relaxing to lay on the comfortable bed with the lights off and soft music playing versus the sterile hospital rooms for normal ultrasounds at OB.

Kaytee R. Avatar
Kaytee R.

5 star ratingI have been to inside view twice now once for an ultrasound and another just a few weeks ago for our 3D ultrasound. This place is very friendly and kind. I recommend to all of my pregnant friends!

Kelsey R. Avatar
Kelsey R.

5 star ratingInside View was amazing! They were able to tell me my daughters gender early and do an ultrasound that the whole family could come to, I like at a normal doctors office. The ultrasound technician is extremely kind and easy to be comfortable around. When I went in there for my second ultrasound at 30 weeks pregnant my daughter was hiding it a weird position. She provided me with juice and had me do some stretches to get her to move to we could see her! She didn't give up even though this little one was stubborn as heck! I love Inside View!!

Evelyn C. Avatar
Evelyn C.

5 star ratingI've been here twice now, first time for my gender reveal and then I returned for a 3D/4D ultrasound. Both visits were amazing, I always feel so comfortable and welcomed. The prices are very reasonable and I always leave feeling like I was able to get one on one time with my little one growing inside me. They really make the moment special for everyone involved! I highly recommend!

Taija R. Avatar
Taija R.

5 star ratingI had a really good experience with that inside view 3D/4D ultrasound  The  employees was really nice  and they greeted you well.   The ultrasound was perfect as well a good clear seen of baby  and my family had a good experience as well they got to be in the room and watch the ultrasound for the first time.  I would recommend this place to anybody

Mary L. Avatar
Mary L.

Very cool. We went in at 13w to do an early gender reveal and were very pleased with everything we got to see. Our ultrasound with Erin was so much better than any of the regular ones we've had at the doctor's office. I'm now 22w and can confirm she had the gender pegged right at 13w. We are super excited to be going back at 28w for the 3D/4D ultrasound so we can our baby's face and watch her kick and wiggle around. She even offers a live stream of the ultrasound for family that wants to see but is unable to attend. Everything is so simple and comfortable there - highly recommend!

Kelli J. Rouse Avatar
Kelli J. Rouse

5 star ratingIt's been one amazing experience! Not only that everybody was exceptional friendly, they also made this already special moment even more special for me. I couldn't be more happy! I definitely will come back!

Pia H. Avatar
Pia H.

We have gone twice (13weeks/26weeks) and had a phenomenal time! The best aspect is being able to share the experience with our family that lives out of state. Having them feel connected so far away is PRICELESS!

Amanda Siemandel Avatar
Amanda Siemandel

5 star ratingWe had an amazing time! (13 weeks/26 weeks) The biggest selling point for our family, is we have relatives that live across the country, having them able to watch the ultrasound while it's happening was a PRICELESS experience for everyone.

Amanda S. Avatar
Amanda S.

The office environment is very welcoming and comfortable. The ultrasound room is very large for extra people to watch. The ultrasound tech was amazing and very nice. Our little girl was stubborn and didnt want to be photogenic and they worked with us and were very patient until she would cooperate. I would absolutely recommend this place to anyone!! We also purchased a stuffed animal heartbeat and an engraved heartbeat necklace.

Fallon W. Avatar
Fallon W.

Such a warm and welcoming environment! Very pleased with her work and getting the most precious pictures of our baby! Would recommend 100% to anybody who is expecting!

Hayley Koester Avatar
Hayley Koester

5 star ratingWelcoming atmosphere and professional staff. We didn't feel rushed and over all we had a great experience. I would recommend to anyone wanting to know the gender of their baby early.

Cortney S. Avatar
Cortney S.

She was great! Really friendly and always makes us feel right at home. Takes her time with the ultrasound and gives you plenty of pictures! We did our early ultrasound and gender. Even our son enjoys our visits to see the new baby. We cannot wait to go back for our 3D and would recommend her to anyone!

Elizabeth Napier Avatar
Elizabeth Napier

We love Inside View Ultrasound. Their prices are wonderful, the staff is so warm and welcoming, and the services the provide are top notch. Our family across the country love the feature of being able to live stream our ultrasounds. It makes them part of the experience! They are always wonderful when I have my curious toddler in tow and we feel the genuinely love what they do! It shows! We will for sure be going back for 3D scans later on.

Kristen Morenos Avatar
Kristen Morenos

5 star ratingThis was a truly unforgettable experience. My mom (grandma) and best friend were able to watch the whole session via Livestream from home. It is such a cute studio, too. Definitely going back my third trimester to see baby again. Thank you!!!

Dallas S. Avatar
Dallas S.

5 star ratingI love the service I received at Inside View 3D/4D Ultrasound. Not only was the environment friendly and welcoming- the experience my family and I had there will forever be in our hearts. I got to see my baby girl on the big projector during our 3D/4D appointment. I also went there when I was 9 weeks and got my early gender testing done which was super fast. They have made my pregnancy an even better experience. I can't wait to use them again in the future.

Marisa C. Avatar
Marisa C.

5 star ratingVery welcoming!! Very cute packages!! made finding out about our baby boy super fun!

Kaitlyn R. Avatar
Kaitlyn R.

5 star ratingI went here for my early gender sneak peek and it was such a wonderful experience! I just went back for my 3D/4D ultrasound and the pictures turned out great! Love it here and will recommend to anyone!

Taylor D. Avatar
Taylor D.

I absolutely love this place! My husband and I loved the relaxing and calming atmosphere. Location is absolutely perfect and prices are affordable. We were able to see the gender of our little one and got an amazing stuff animal that let us hear our baby heartbeat. The ultrasound was clear and concise. After the ultrasound, We was also setup to use the app to share our photos and videos with family who lived far away. This establishment is military friendly. They work with times after work hours.. as this can be a bit challenging in the service. I highly recommend this place to any couple wanting to see or hear their little one or even to get wonderful ultrasound photos and gifts for a keepsake. Will be coming back again soon! Thanks.

Jasmine Bates Avatar
Jasmine Bates

5 star ratingVery friendly environment. You felt very welcome and comfortable! I would come back for a 3D/4D. I went in for an early gender reveal.

Michelle F. Avatar
Michelle F.

5 star ratingAwesome experience! Friendly staff, great atmosphere, and some amazing snacks:).

Princessunique T. Avatar
Princessunique T.

5 star ratingThey were absolutely wonderful and did such an amazing job I'd highly recommend going here!

Kaylynn R. Avatar
Kaylynn R.

5 star ratingEveryone was so friendly and amazing.   The ultra sound room was very inviting and cozy!!  I will definitely be back.

Krista D. Avatar
Krista D.

5 star ratingI had a wonderful experience at Inside View! I brought a big group with me, about 10 people and they were all able to fit comfortably in the room. The bed I got to lay on during the ultrasound was big and comfortable. There was a huge screen to see baby on. The staff was very warm and welcoming. Overall a great experience and I would definitely do it again, totally worth it!

Jessica M. Avatar
Jessica M.

5 star ratingAbsolutely recommend coming here! My boyfriend and I have had 2 wonderful experiences. The office and studio are both welcoming and comfortable! The owner is so kind and so patient. Definitely worth the money!! We have beautiful pictures and video of our little guy and this has made our first time experience as parents to be very special!!

Lauren W. Avatar
Lauren W.

5 star ratingThe owner was very friendly and extremely helpful! She was patient even though my little one wasnt being cooperative. I am going back later on for more video!!!

Anthony A. Avatar
Anthony A.

5 star ratingErin was amazing. We asked her for a very difficult request. We found out our baby has passed and asked her if she could make us a keepsake and still get some ultra sound photos for us. She got us in last minute,  stayed after closing and got amazing photos for us. It was very hard but she was truly sweet and comforting. I'd recommend this place to anyone.

Margaret G. Avatar
Margaret G.

5 star ratingWe had an amazing experience! Our little babe wasn't cooperative so we get to come back! Amazing customer service! The keep sake items they offer are truly amazing!

Chelsey C. Avatar
Chelsey C.

5 star ratingI have been here twice each time was an amazing experience getting to reveal the gender of my baby .  She has a beautiful big room with a nice comfortable bed and a huge screen to see your beautiful baby on it's calm quiet and she tells you everything you're looking at.  I cannot wait to return for the 3-D Thank you for such a wonderful experience.

Ashley G. Avatar
Ashley G.

I have been here twice for “Early Gender sneak peek” every time is the best experience ever! So calm relaxing, very comfortable bed great prices and deals & most of all she has a huge screen you get to see your bundle of joy on! She is worth every penny I can’t wait to go back for my 3D thank you for making these moments special for us your amazing really.

Ashley Siegley Avatar
Ashley Siegley

5 star ratingI had a great experience here! They were so friendly and accommodating to my big group that I brought. I also appreciated how even though my daughter was being shy and hiding her face, she was patient and took her time. She also explained what we were looking, (which was nice for my grandparents who had no idea what was happening) and complimenting how cute my daughter was. I felt so relaxed and not rushed at all! I would highly recommend this experience, it was amazing for me and my family to meet my daughter early on.
Also, the package we got had all of the pictures from the showing which I think was well worth the price.

Samantha B. Avatar
Samantha B.

5 star ratingThey are so nice and they made it such a memorable experience for us.

Kaila M. Avatar
Kaila M.

5 star ratingWe went for the early gender test at 14 weeks because we just could not wait until 20 weeks to find out! We made our appointment and she was very friendly answering all my questions on the phone leading up to the appointment and made me feel really excited about coming in. When we got there the office was very welcoming while we waited for our appointment. When we went back into the room it was so cozy and relaxing and nothing like a cold sterile doctors office. She talked so sweetly to our baby on the ultrasound and explained to us every little detail. She took her time and made sure to get us all the best pictures we could ask for and even set us home with a video we can cherish forever and share with family, and of course she shared the gender with us! I highly recommend this to anyone expecting a baby!

Elizabeth C. Avatar
Elizabeth C.

5 star ratingWe had the best experience! The first time we went in for the early gender scan baby wasn't cooperating and was curled up in ball facing my back. Erin did everything she could to make baby try to show itself. She brought us back a week later (at no additional charge) to figure out the gender and get all the best pictures!! She's very accommodating and has the cutest little set up! Will definitely be going back for a 3D/4D scan when I'm further along. Highly recommend!!!

Kayla E. Avatar
Kayla E.

5 star ratingThis was the most amazing experience! The viewing room is set up so I felt so comfortable, no clinic feel at all, it was like watching my baby on a projector in my own home! She took her time with my baby who was hiding up in my ribs to make sure she got us some great pictures! I will be coming back for all my future baby views!
Thank you inside view!

Jessica S. Avatar
Jessica S.

We loved our experience, we felt welcomed and valued. Erin made us feel comfortable, she captured meaningful moments. It was a great value. We highly recommend the services offered here, the 3D/4D ultrasound is such a precious keepsake of any pregnancy.

Nicole Hoover Avatar
Nicole Hoover

5 star ratingI loved my experience here. During the 3D ultrasound there was slow relaxing music. I felt very comfortable the whole time. Being able to see my baby in 3D and take a peek at how she will look like was awesome. The technician was great and friendly. The prices are reasonable and I loved that they give military discounts.

Frances S. Avatar
Frances S.

Awesome experience. The room is so comfortable and spacious enough for family. She was so patient with my 2 year old I had with me. Very thorough and explained everything as we were watching. Definitely returning!

Dee Jacobs Avatar
Dee Jacobs

5 star ratingWe came to Inside View to see our baby at nearly 29 weeks. It was such a great experience! The quality is incredible and Erin was excellent at getting photos of our baby's face. If I have more children in the future, I will return. Highly recommend!!

Brandy O. Avatar
Brandy O.

5 star ratingI LOVED my experience there and can't wait to go back!

Kandas E. Avatar
Kandas E.

My husband surprised me for Christmas with a visit to Inside View. We had a wonderful experience! Our little boy was not cooperative, so the owner stopped our appointment early, and scheduled us out a little bit to see if our boy would be better later down the road. It was so nice to know that if baby was not willing to show his face, that the owner wants her clients to have a good experience. She definitely went above and beyond and we are so thankful to have pictures that we will have forever.

Brittni Leitch Avatar
Brittni Leitch

5 star ratingThis was a amazing experience ! The whole office is very welcoming and home feeling. There is plenty of room for the family! They offer many great services and do not make you feel pressured or rushed. The whole ultrasound experience was so comfortable. And the screen is set up so the whole room can see not just on the little ultrasound screen. We are definitely going back!

Yessenia C. Avatar
Yessenia C.

This place was amazing. my first session my baby was not cooperative and we didn't get very many good pictures. So Erin scheduled to have me to come in a second time no charge. It was such a great experience,I would recommend this place to anyone needing a ultrasound.

Becky Smith Avatar
Becky Smith

5 star ratingBoth times I have been to inside view I have felt so comfortable. They definitely go out of there way for there customers
Absolutely amazing place highly recommend

Rylie H. Avatar
Rylie H.

5 star ratingI was thrilled with this experience, the lady was very kind. I enjoyed how patient she was with my baby and how she interacted with everyone in the room during the ultrasound. I would definitely recommend this place. It's a very calm and relaxing place that just makes you feel at home. I'll be back for my 3D/4D package in a couple months!

Kristen D. Avatar
Kristen D.

5 star ratingThe care my family and I recieved was amazing. The set up of everything was so cozy, my kids loved it. Great customer service and great care. 10/10 would always recommend.

Tori M. Avatar
Tori M.

This was such a great experience! Erin does an amazing job of making this moment special and memorable. The room is large enough to bring friends and family, but still cozy. We were able to bring our parents to our gender reveal ultrasound. That made it even more special. I would highly recommend checking this place out!

Alicia Burgess Avatar
Alicia Burgess

5 star ratingI couldnt have been more impressed with the services offered at inside view. The room was cozy and the tech was so sweet which really made the gender reveal a special day for our family. We will definitely be going back in a few months for more pictures of our little boy as he grows. Thank you again Erin for all you do to make each gender reveal so special!

Kyleigh S. Avatar
Kyleigh S.

We had such a great experience at Inside View! Erin did a great job and was very kind with us the entire time. Even though our baby was being stubborn she still got great pictures for us. I definitely recommend going here for your 3D/4D ultrasounds!

MaiOhMai Avatar

5 star ratingWe went in at 31 weeks and had a great experience. Erin was so kind with us and got amazing pictures. It was such a nice environment and I felt very comfortable the entire time. I definitely recommend going to her for your 3D/4D ultrasounds!

Tiffany M. Avatar
Tiffany M.

5 star ratingMy fiancé told me we should do 3d/4d ultrasound and so I googled one near me. My mom and I ended up going and it became the best experience I could have ever dreamt of! It not only brought our families closer together, but made it easier to prepare for my son's future. I recommend every mother schedule an appointment! It's safe, fun, affordable,  and an overall memorable experience! I cried tears of joy from being so overwhelmingly pleased. I have been twice!

Tess L. Avatar
Tess L.

5 star ratingInside View in three words:

Even with the grandparents breathing down Erin's neck to see if our little girl had hair (yes, it was the hot topic of the visit - why? IDK) she stayed light-hearted and played along with them. With pregnancies being so complicated in moments, Erin provides an experience that is so not.

Thanks Inside View for blowing us away, yet again.

Madison C. Avatar
Madison C.

This is a great facility! We have been here for scans twice this pregnancy already and Erin is great and so personable. There is plenty of room for the whole family in the ultrasound room and the techs take their time scanning your baby! Very highly recommended.

Holly Schlottmann Avatar
Holly Schlottmann

5 star ratingInsideview is the perfect facility for that extra special ultrasound. Erin and her staff are all great and so personable. There is plenty of room for the whole family in the viewing room. Very highly recommended for an extra peek at your baby during your pregnancy!

Holly C. Avatar
Holly C.

5 star ratingThis was such a awesome experience! We got to find out the gender of our baby girl at 15 weeks! We were able to have a lot of our family there. It was a great experience for everyone. The heart beat animals are priceless and a must buy! Another bonus of this experience was being able to send a link to family and friends that weren't able to make it so they could watch it live with us.  We will definitely be back for when we can do the 3D/4D ultra sound.

Michelle Renee F. Avatar
Michelle Renee F.

5 star ratingInside View 3D/4D Ultrasound is amazing! My husbands parents are visiting us from out of state and we wanted to find out the gender of our little one while they were here, so we called Inside View and Erin was able to fit us in the very next day. The office is warm and inviting and there's plenty of space and comfy chairs/couches in the ultrasound room to fit any family you might bring along. Erin was so sweet and patient with our stubborn baby who was curled up in a ball and not wanting to show her gender, and took the time to point out all of her fingers, toes, and heartbeat while we waited. I'm only 16 weeks pregnant so baby is on the smaller side but it is still so amazing to see. We got the super gender package and we felt like there was so much time to see our baby and so many wonderful pictures of the ultrasound that she printed out. We also got to see our baby in 3D/4D for a little while and got some amazing pictures of that as well. We also did the live streaming through the baby flix app so our out of state family could watch with us. Between the holiday package price and military discount that she offers, we really felt like the experience went above and beyond for the price we paid. She even went the extra mile and gave me some orange juice after our ultrasound was over because I'm a type 1 diabetic and my blood sugar was low. It was just an all around amazing experience and we could not stop talking about how wonderful it was and how sweet and calm Erin was once we left. You can tell that she loves what she does and gets excited to see your baby with you which makes it all the more special. We'll definitely be back when I'm farther along to get the 3D/4D ultrasound package!

Faith S. Avatar
Faith S.

5 star ratingErin was AMAZING! From the first sneak peak to our three 3D/4D ultrasounds, she has been so sweet and helpful! Our baby was uncooperative during our second 3D/4D so she allowed us to come back for a third where we got better photos! It was so sweet of her to offer that! I highly recommend 🙂

Jaime Y. Avatar
Jaime Y.

5 star ratingAmazing service and a warm and inviting office! The studio is huge and there's a couch to accommodate lots of people! We brought our two young kids and the owner was very sweet about them being crazy. She did a great job getting good pictures of my stubborn baby! We will be returning!

Janey O. Avatar
Janey O.

So comforting ! Large room , kids are allowed , and if you live far away , that’s not a problem they can still join in the session ! This place is truly amazing. And the owner is beyond patient and nice. Definitely worth the time and money ! I will be visiting them again in the future.

zeasia payne Avatar
zeasia payne

We came in today for our DNA and Doughnuts/Sneak Peek early gender test blood draw. We were lucky enough that they could fit us in for an ultrasound. I chose this location specifically because of all the glowing reviews of Erin and her staff. I was not disappointed. Even my husband, who is not easily impressed, was going on an on about how homey it was and how wonderful the staff was. We will definitely return for an ultrasound later on as well. This is not the closest Ultrasound Boutique to us, but we will choose this place anyways because they are that good! 🙂

Jessica Waldo Avatar
Jessica Waldo

5 star ratingThey were great, Erin is so kind! The room is big and comfortable, and the screen you get to watch is a nice, big projector!

Alyssa T. Avatar
Alyssa T.

5 star ratingAmazing I loved the experience!

Chelsea D. Avatar
Chelsea D.

5 star ratingIf there was more than 5 stars available that is what I would give. This was our first time experiencing a 3D/4D ultrasound and it was amazing to watch. Erin makes everyone feel so welcome and comfortable!

Cindy C. Avatar
Cindy C.

5 star ratingI went to Inside View in July to find out the gender of my newest baby and I was so pleased with them that I went back on the 30th of November to have a 4D ultrasound done before my little guy enters the world. They do their best to get you the best possible pictures of your baby and it is such a relaxing and welcoming environment!!!

Heather S. Avatar
Heather S.

It was a wonderful experience! Very calming and relaxing environment. My daughter and I were very comfortable - she had a soft bed to lie on and I was on a comfy couch. The room was large and dimly lit with soft music playing.
We spent the time watching her son on a large screen - while the technician/owner (Erin) explained in detail what we were seeing. She has a calming presence and it can be easily seen that she loves what she does!
My daughter had been told by her OB at her 20 week ultrasound the other day - that he was 85% sure the baby was a boy. She wanted 100% verification which is what she received at this visit.
Would highly recommend - a memorable experience!

Pamela Wimer Avatar
Pamela Wimer

My husband and I had an absolutely wonderful experience! You can tell the owner loves what she does, and her studio is so comfortable and adorable. We will definitely refer Inside View!

danielle chartrand Avatar
danielle chartrand

5 star ratingMy husband and I are expecting Twins, when we found out we just knew we couldn't wait till 21 weeks to find out the genders so we went in search of a place that could cure our curiosity early, we had such a great experience that we ended up purchasing a package so we could come back and get the -3D/4D pictures once we got further along, because we have two they were squished and not cooperating as much but the cheap price you pay to see your beautiful babies early is worth every penny and this place doesn't disappoint.

Hayley C. Avatar
Hayley C.

I have had a lot of anxiety associated with this pregnancy, so I decided to book an early peak ultrasound. I was NOT disappointed! The facility was very clean and nice. Erin was so sweet, and seemed genuinely happy with her job and made such sweet comments about my baby that made me tear up a bit. I was happy to share that experience with someone who seems to really care about her customers and their babies. I was there alone, and was overjoyed that I was able to send my out-of-state family and friends a link to live stream and watch with me. They were thrilled to be a part of it. I will definitely be going here again, it was an amazing experience!

Jamie Rogers Avatar
Jamie Rogers

My wife and I recently discovered our 12 week unborn baby's heart had stopped beating. We decided that we wanted a memorial of our little one to honor him, for he was alive and he was a gift from God, however temporary. As such, we reached out to Prenatal Universe to get a quote, or see if they even honor such a peculiar request. The owner called me back personally and offered to give us an ultrasound, without charge, to ease our burden. This is such a remarkable, compassionate act from a business that's only concern should be just to make money. Clearly they are run by a genuinely sweet and caring owner and staff, so you can rest assured that with Prenatal Universe Ultrasound, you are in great hands.

Jacob Barrow Avatar
Jacob Barrow

This place is wonderful! I had no idea what to expect and I was very pleasantly surprised. The woman was so nice and took the time to explain everything to us in detail. They have a big screen so you don’t miss anything and it is incredibly comfortable. We will definitely be coming back! They even do a military discount ❤️!

Cecelia Cansino Avatar
Cecelia Cansino

Absolutely loved my experience at Inside View, and cannot wait to go back for my second session in a few weeks! The technician spent extra time with us since we had both of our parents and grandparents from out of state live streaming it, which was an amazing and touching experience for them as well. We got to confirm once again that our little babe is a girl (yay!), and got to see her in 2D & 3D (although I was just shy of 18 weeks, so baby is still a little small!). The pictures came out fantastic and will be cherished for years to come. The room is comfortable and inviting, and large enough for big families to all come and enjoy the viewing. I cannot rave enough about this place!

Mariah Coffey Avatar
Mariah Coffey

5 star ratingAbsolutely loved my experience at Inside View, and cannot wait to go back for my second session in a few weeks! The technician spent extra time with us since we had both of our parents and grandparents from out of state live streaming it, which was an amazing and touching experience for them as well. We got to confirm once again that our little babe is a girl (yay!), and got to see her in 2D & 3D (although I was just shy of 18 weeks, so baby is still a little small!). The pictures came out fantastic and will be cherished for years to come. The room is comfortable and inviting, and large enough for big families to all come and enjoy the viewing. I cannot rave enough about this place!

Mariah C. Avatar
Mariah C.

Such a wonderful experience! Our ultrasound technician was experienced and very pleasant. Our little bundle of joy had a hard time revealing her gender but the technician was very patient and understanding and knew all the techniques to eventually have the gender revealed. We had plenty of room for all my family to attend (and they all had a lovely, memorable experience). The bed for me to lie on was very comfortable AND it was big enough for my husband to snuggle up next to me throughout the appointment. I highly recommend this business - the experience was well worth the money!

Jacqueline RubyLee Gorzynski Avatar
Jacqueline RubyLee Gorzynski

I haven’t had an ultrasound done yet from my doctor and I’m so glad Inside View 3D/4D was my first! The whole experience was very comforting and the staff had gone above & beyond in their customer service..even though my growing baby didn’t make it easy for pictures..I’m still very pleased with what i received! I will definitely be going back before I’m due in February! Thank you again!

Stephanie White Avatar
Stephanie White

im 15 weeks and the visit was quite successful. HAVING A BOY! the whole experience was very enjoyable. comfortable room, big screen projector, CD with about 35 photos a few video clips and a DVD of the whole session. Def money well spent! they ever gave me a gift of a breast milk cooler with formula too.

Mandy Avatar

5 star ratingMy husband and I booked an appointment with Inside View for an early gender scan. It was amazing! Erin was so friendly and made us feel comfortable from the beginning. Seeing our little one was an incredible experience! I would definitely go back!

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Mary E.
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