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Early gender ultrasounds in Olympia

If you are expecting and are excited about the arrival of your precious baby, you’re definitely not alone. You may be preparing for your baby’s birth in many different ways, from picking out their clothes to designing and decorating their nursery. But if you’re doing all these activities, wouldn’t it be nice if you can already know early on what gender your baby will be? It’s easier to prepare for your baby’s birth if you already know if they will be a boy or a girl.

While there are some would-be parents who prefer to know their baby’s gender until after their baby is born, there are some who would like more than anything to know their baby’s gender as soon as they can. And here at Inside View, if you’re part of the latter set of parents, you certainly can.

With our state-of-the-art, advanced GE Voluson S8 machine, we can already help you get a clear indication of your baby’s gender – in as early as 13 weeks. With our 3D and 4D ultrasound technology, you have the chance to see your baby’s whole facial features, from their eyes to their nose, mouth, ears, and more. Aside from this, with 4D technology, you can even see your baby move – you can watch them open and close their eyes, swallow, touch their face, suck their thumb, and smile. The experience is worthwhile – and completely unforgettable.

During the session

If you want to know the gender of your baby in as little as 13 weeks, we can find it out for you. But bear in mind as well that, while you’ll be able to know your baby’s gender in most cases, there may be some factors which can affect the session, such as your baby’s cooperation, their position, the placement of the placenta, their stage of development, and the body tissue content of the mother. These can all affect our ability to determine or give an indication of your baby’s gender during the session.

The good news

The good news, however, is that if we cannot see a clear indication of the sex of your baby during your appointment, we are more than happy to schedule a return visit for you so we can take a second look. We at Inside View stand true to our promise of a 100% guarantee on gender determination, after all.

Prepping for your ultrasound

In order to get the best results with early gender scans you are encouraged to come with a full bladder! We also encourage full-figured moms to wait until 16 weeks for your gender scan for the best possible view. We encourage you to drink a fruit smoothie or something with sugar on the way to the ultrasound in order to wake baby up and have them moving. In any case, we at Inside View always do our best in every session and are glad to give you the world-class, professional service you deserve.
If you want to know the gender of your baby early on, an early gender ultrasound at Inside View is your best option!
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